Press Clippings

‘Tiny Towns, Open Skies’ - Rupa Bajwa, Author of ‘The Sari Shop’
India Today (20/02/2006)

“I will admit that I was astounded when I first visited the Eloor Library in Bangalore. The sheer number of books was staggering. I could not have hoped to have access to one-tenth of these books in Amritsar, my hometown.”

‘Hooked & Booked’ - Pradeep Sebastian
Deccan Herald (Bangalore, 27/11/1999)

“I never thought I’d say this about a lending library, but it’s to die for. An addiction, a fix I need every other day, even when I can’t afford the habit. It isn’t just me. I run into other book junkies like me at Eloor, lining at the New Arrivals shelf (yes, this lending library actually has a ‘New Arrivals’ counter) looking excited, but also a little sheepish because they were there just the day before and have already come back for more”

‘A Bookworm’s Delight’ - Naveen Namboodiri
Hindustan Times (Kolkata, 14/4/2001)

“This place is in all senses a bibliophile’s paradise. As a member of Eloor Library you stand to benefit from two things: A mind boggling variety of books to choose from and a remarkable orderliness that makes your job easy”

‘Kochi’s Bookmark’ – Ajay Menon
The Hindu (Cochin, 15/4/2004)

“Celebrating its silver jubilee this month, Eloor Lending Library has been a source of delight and comfort to its 8,000 members. For those with an insatiable appetite for books, the Eloor Lending Library has become something of an institution.”

‘Books for the bold and beautiful’ - M. Dinesh Varma
The Hindu (Trivandrum, 26/4/2000)

“Notwithstanding their hectic schedules, the city’s elite seem to be finding time to curl up with their favourite book. The majority of the most recognisable faces in town are enrolled at the Eloor Lending Library, a professionally managed institution.”

‘For the sheer pleasure of reading’ - Sreemati Samanta
Times of India (Kolkata, 19/01/2001)

“On entering the library one is immediately struck by the neatness and organisation. A ‘New Arrivals’ section greets one on the immediate left, followed by three other rooms beautifully stacked with books. One wonders how they are maintained so well.”