Membership Information

The deposit for a single membership is Rs.1,000/-. The full deposit is refunded if the member closes his membership.

Since the borrowing limit is proportional to the membership deposit, the higher deposit empowers a member to borrow more books at a time. There is provision for multiple memberships too, for those readers who want to borrow an uncommonly large number of books regularly.

The sole purpose of membership deposit is to ensure that the books are returned to the Library after use. A member is not allowed to close his membership within 6 months of taking it. Those who are bothered by this rule can read as non-members, depositing the cost of the books they borrow each time.

The Library’s only revenue is the reading fee it collects. It is 10% of the cost of the book, but subject to a maximum. This maximum is exceeded, only if the book is kept for more than the permitted reading time of 14 days.

The Library’s rules are critical to its survival as the best library of the land. Prospective members are given a copy of the rules. They are allowed to join only after going through the same.