The first branch of ‘Eloor Libraries’ was established on the marine drive of Ernakulam (Cochin, Kerala) in 1979. This was followed by five more branches
• Trivandrum (1986)
• Bangalore   (1988)
• Chennai     (1994)
• Kolkata      (1998)
• Delhi         (2006)

Why was Eloor welcomed?

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Government libraries had not been able to satisfy the hunger for books that they also had helped create. Plenty of new titles were getting published, but there were only very few readers who could buy the books they wanted. Readers truly needed a library like Eloor.

How good is Eloor’s stock?

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From the beginning Eloor has defined its vocation as providing a truly viable alternative to people who yearn for good books, but won’t buy them. It is amazing what unremitting application to a clearly perceived purpose can bring about, when kept up over long years. In the case of Eloor it has resulted in the creation of a wondrous wealth of books in each branch.

New Arrivals, Classics, General Fiction, Science Fiction, Non-Fiction, Romance, Children’s Books, Indian Authors, Management, Business, Computer, Self-Help, Biography, Religion, Philosophy, Sports, Cookery etc, etc – the Eloor sections range far and wide.

The Press Clippings would give some idea of how some highly regarded media organs have evaluated the Eloor stock, over the years.

Eloor Members

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Eloor’s members are a varied lot. Doctors, engineers, computer professionals, writers, journalists, professors, government secretaries, company executives – they come from all professions and places. Then there are the children, waves and waves of them.

Eloor is always sighting interesting reading material for its members. It routinely buys up all the popular titles that get published. But it is yet another trait of Eloor that has made its collection what it is and endeared it to the judicious reader - Eloor never passes up a great book, and popularity is of little interest here.